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Skilled Worker

The NLPNP Skilled Worker category exists to nominate individuals who have specialized skills that are deemed as having a critical impact on the operations of an employer in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Who is eligible for the Skilled Worker category?

You are eligible for the Skilled Worker category if you:

  • Have a full-time job offer of indeterminate length from a Newfoundland and Labrador employer or a job or job offer that has compensation in the form of a salary and benefits package that meets provincial employment standards and prevailing wage rates; Contractual or locum positions (short-term positions usually less than twelve (12) months in duration with little or no possibility of extension) are not eligible for the NLPNP.
  • Have an Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Work Permit or is entitled to apply for one; Work permits that are submitted with the PNP application must have duration of six months remaining prior to expiry date.
  • Have the qualifications, training, skills, and/or accreditation required for the job;
  • Can demonstrate the intention and ability to settle permanently in Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • Have a job or job offer that does not contravene existing bargaining unit agreements or any employment disputes;
  • Can demonstrate that you have sufficient settlement funds and financial resources to successfully establish yourself and any dependents in Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • Your employer (or future employer) can demonstrate a need for your skill set; and
  • Can demonstrate sufficient English or French language capability to perform the employment duties. Your English language ability must be verified by one of the following:
    • An Affidavit of English Language Ability from a Newfoundland and Labrador employer who has offered you a full-time job; or
    • Education and/or training documents
    • Occupations classified in NOC Code C or D will have to meet Minimum Language Requirements

Who is not eligible for the Skilled Worker category?

You are not eligible for the Skilled Worker category if:

  • You are a failed refugee claimant or a refugee claimant living in Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • You do not have a full-time job offer from a Newfoundland and Labrador employer (unless your employer can demonstrate a need for your skill set).
  • You or any dependent family member over the age of 22 (whether or not they are accompanying them) have a criminal record;
  • You have unresolved custody or child support disputes. You must have these issues resolved before starting the immigration process
  • You have intentionally misrepresented yourself in the application; or
  • If the employer has intentionally misrepresented themselves or you in relation to their, or your, role in business
  • Note: If you lose or quit your job during the nomination process, you may lose your eligiblity and your nomination and/or Permanent Residency application may be cancelled. If you are experiencing issues with your employment, contact your PNP Officer immediately.
  • Note: Any activity potentially constituting fraud will be investigated and may result in criminal proceedings.

How do I apply for the Skilled Worker category?

To apply to the Skilled Worker Category, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Complete all provincial forms listed below

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Step 2: Complete the federal forms listed below

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Step 3: Gather all required supporting documents

Step 4: Submit your application


  • As of January 8, 2012, if you were nominated but have not applied for Permanent Residency within 6 months of your nomination date, you will lose your nomination status and will no longer be considered a Provincial Nominee of Newfoundland and Labrador. In order to become eligible for nomination status once more you will be required to submit a new application.
  • If you have a Post-Graduate Work Permit, you must apply under the International Graduate Category
  • Please address your $250 bank draft, money order or certified cheque to: NL Exchequer (please note this application fee is non-refundable)
  • If you are currently working in the province, we will accept copies of original supporting documents with your application. If you are currently outside of the province, we require notarized copies
  • Ensure that your passports and work permits are valid and not expired
  • Please note you may be required to participate in an interview with a NLPNP Program Officer
  • Ensure that you include your Federal forms with your NLPNP application. If you are nominated, these forms will be returned to you to submit with your immigration application
  • Review your application and document checklist before applying. If you have any questions during this process, please contact:

  • Please send your application to:

    Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism
    Advanced Education and Skills
    Confederation Building, West Block
    P.O. Box 8700, St. John's, NL A1B 4J6

AXIS Career Services

Certain PNP applicants may be required to enroll in the AXIS Career Services program as part of their nomination. AXIS (Acquiring eXperience; Integrating Skills) provides comprehensive, career-focused services and employment programs for educated professionals, trades persons and entrepreneurs. Through interactive engagement with employers and collaborative partnerships with all levels of government, industry and the community, AXIS aims to facilitate successful labour market integration for newcomers.

To read more about AXIS Career Services, please visit: http://www.axiscareers.net/home/ external site

To enroll, please visit: http://www.axiscareers.net/whyregister/ external site

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