The Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program

What this means for Employers of Provincial Nominee applicants:

When applying to hire a foreign national under an employer-specific LMIA-exemption, employers will need to complete the following steps:

  • The employer must pay the compliance fee of $230 electronically using the “Pay Your Fees” page on the Immigration and Citizenship page of the Government of Canada website located here: Employers will receive a receipt number from CIC once fee is paid.
  • The employer must complete the following form electronically: IMM 5802 – Offer of Employment to a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Exempt Foreign National. The form can be located here:, and instructions for filling out the form are available here:
    We have listed some of these instructions below:
    • The employer must include the $230 fee receipt number in field #3 of the IMM5802 form.
    • In field #21 of the IMM5802 form, the employer must select “Canada–PT Agreements – R(204)(c)” from the dropdown menu.
    • Upon completion of the form, the employer will click on the “Submit” button and this will populate an email with the correct information and attach the IMM5802 Offer of Employment for direct submission to CIC.
  • The employer must then provide a copy of the IMM5802 Offer of Employment to the foreign national for inclusion with the work permit application.

Open Work Permits

The new $100 fee introduced on open work permits will be in addition to the $155 work permit application processing fee. This fee will be paid by the foreign national (worker) and apply to most open work permit applicants (e.g., International Experience Canada participants, spouses of skilled temporary foreign workers and international students, post-graduation work permit applicants, etc.).

For more detailed information on these changes, please visit: For questions or concerns, please contact: